General Terms and Conditions of ParaHeid Braun

1. registration

By registering, making a reservation or ordering a voucher you accept the general terms of contract as part of the contract between you and ParaHeid.

2. terms of payment

Ordered vouchers will be sent to the buyer immediately after receipt of payment. For registrations or reservations without a valid voucher, the participant must pay the price in cash at the beginning of the trip.

3. withdrawal by the customer

If the participant cancels the activity or leaves it prematurely, it is considered to be finished and fulfilled.

Failure to appear on the agreed flight day is considered as a cancellation by the customer, whereby the voucher expires. If the flight cannot be completed in full or only shortened due to a delay caused by the customer, the voucher also expires.

4. withdrawal by the organiser

ParaHeid can cancel the activity if participants give legitimate cause for this through actions and omissions. This corresponds to an expiration of the voucher.

Should weather and natural conditions, force majeure, official measures, security or other similar reasons make the activity considerably more difficult, endanger or impossible, ParaHeid can cancel or abort the activity at any time. In this case vouchers are automatically extended for 1 year, paid amounts in cash will be refunded.

5. flight time

The duration of the flight depends on the weather conditions, among other things. If the defined flight time of an offer is not reached, ParaHeid will refund a corresponding partial amount.

6. obligation of the participants to cooperate and conditions of participation

Good health is required for paragliding. The participant is obliged to inform ParaHeid in advance about any health problems.

Minors require the consent of a parent or legal guardian. If no legal guardian is present, the consent must be in written form.

The participant is obliged to fulfill the conditions of participation and to strictly follow the instructions of ParaHeid. If the conditions of participation are not fulfilled or the instructions are not followed, paraHeid can exclude the participant from the activity. In case of an exclusion there will be no refund of paid amounts and vouchers are forfeited.

7. insurance

Paragliding is not a risk sport and is covered by the normal accident insurance (UVG). Passengers from other countries (residence is decisive) must have appropriate insurance. The participants are not insured by the organizer.

8. liability

8.1 Disclaimer of liability

ParaHeid shall not be liable for damages caused by the actions of third parties, participants, force majeure, natural events, official measures or similar.

If ParaHeid assigns the execution to a partner or another third party, it shall not be liable for their actions and omissions. In particular ParaHeid shall not be liable for damages which are due to actions or omissions of the Partner or the third party which are not related to the contractually agreed performance.

If a participant does not follow the instructions of ParaHeid, any liability is void.

8.2 Special Liability Provisions

Paragliding flights are not subject to the liability provisions of the Swiss Ordinance on Air Transport of 17.08.2005. The liability of the pilot or the contracting party to the passenger is contractually limited to CHF 5 million for death or bodily injury and CHF 2,000 for loss of or damage to items carried.

8.3 Non-contractual liability

The non-contractual liability is based on the relevant legal provisions. If these general contractual provisions provide for stricter liability conditions, limitations of liability or exclusions of liability, these shall apply.

9. legal information about the website of ParaHeid

All information, documents or other details on the websites of ParaHeid are subject to the following provisions. Please read them carefully. By using and/or retrieving information and documents from the websites of ParaHeid you expressly agree to the following conditions:

9.1 No offer / exclusion of warranty

The purpose of the websites is to provide information about our services. They do not represent an offer in the legal sense. The web pages have been compiled to the best of our knowledge, but no guarantee is given that the information, documents or other details conveyed are free of errors and complete.

9.2 Limitation of liability

ParaHeid is in no case liable for any direct or indirect damages and consequential damages that result from the use of information and material from the websites or from access via links to other websites. We do not guarantee that information, documents or other data accessible via one of its websites are free of viruses or other harmful components.

9.3 Links to other websites

It is possible to reach other internet sites that are not maintained by ParaHeid by means of links from these websites. Such external Internet addresses contain information that is created, published, maintained or otherwise made available by organizations and natural or legal persons that are independent of ParaHeid. ParaHeid is neither responsible for the content of these sites, nor do we approve, support or confirm information contained on external sites or in linked addresses listed therein.

9.4 Data Protection

All personal data is processed in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. However, ParaHeid cannot assume responsibility and/or liability for data protection. If ParaHeid receives data from you via the Internet, this data is not passed on to third parties and is only used for the desired purposes.

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