Anyone can paraglide. No previous knowledge is required.

Before take-off, you will be instructed in detail by myself to get smoothly into the air.



  • - Minimum age 18 years (for younger passengers, the consent of a parent or legal guardian is required)

  • - Weight incl. clothing min. 30 - max. 100 kg

A certain physical fitness is required. We have to walk up to the starting point for about 10 - 15 minutes. For the takeoff, a few quick steps are enough to get into the air.

Bring along

  • - Good footwear (hiking or trekking shoes)

  • Helmet if available. Otherwise, one is provided for you

  • - Suitable "flight clothing": long trousers, windproof jacket, gloves, sunglasses, eventually ski suit

Even in summer, the air can be quite cool. Therefore, I always recommend to fly with long trousers and a jacket.


  • I accept:

  • - Cash

  • - Twint

  • - Voucher

The tandem flight is typically paid after landing.


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